Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

In a very competitive market like the web hosting industry, sharing revenue has become a good medium for some web hosting companies to stand up from competitors.

How does it work?

Web Hosting companies offer monetary incentives to affiliates for referrers who sign up for an account.

Web Hosting companies provide affiliates with ads, and links embedded with a tracking code.

Affiliates place those ads and links into pages of their websites.

When someone visits a site containing the aforementioned links, and clicks on one of them, it triggers the following events.

Tracking technology

The most common practice is to place a tracking cookie into the visitor's browser with a certain expiration date. This can be done through a third party company like Commission Junction, ClickBank, Shareasale or another third party company dedicated to manage affiliate relationships. The tracking cookie can also be placed by the web hosting company.

If a previous cookie from another link is found it can be preserved or overwritten. This depends on the web hosting affiliate's program policies. As a common practice if a cookie exists is not overwritten. For example if a visitor clicks on affiliate links on different sites before signing up with the hosting company who provided those links, commission will be commonly awarded to the site owner of the site where the first click occurred.

After that, visitor is redirected to a page at the web hosting company site. During the life of the cookie, whoever returning to the web hosting company site, using the browser with the cookie, and sign in up for the service, will make an affiliate to earn a commission.

Web Hosting Companies Advantages

They gain a great amount of traffic, brand recognition and exposure from affiliate links.

Only a fraction of the total sales generated from those links generate commissions to affiliates for the following reasons.

  • Due several reasons a lot of people nowadays block cookies or delete them on a continuous basis.
  • People can change their browser preferences to block cookies completely.
  • Anti adware and spyware removal programs can block cookies and delete them.
  • Expiration of cookies.
  • Lack of a better tracking system

From my point of view, the main reason for commission loses is the lack of a better tracking system, but for web hosting companies this represents an advantage.


Thousands of websites compete to place those links and earn high commissions. For this reason, most web hosting reviews on the net are biased, reviewers only place and recommend the companies who offer and pay the highest commissions.

Author: Edgard Durand