Unlimited Web Hosting Plans

Some web hosting companies use the term unlimited to refer to some of their plans features like bandwidth and disk space.

In reality this is just a marketing technique. For example a web hosting company offering cheap plans, uses this technique to make their plans more attractive.

Hidding information

Without saying explicitly the amount of resources allocated to each account, they create high expectatives for their plans.

Those companies are only hidding important information. Because, they have a predetermined amount of bandwidth and disk space on their servers.

Starting a Small Web Hosting Company Example

For example, someone can start a web hosting company leasing dedicated servers.

Some companies offer dedicated servers with a 40Gb IDE hard drive and 500Gb monthly data transfer.

With a server with 40Gb hard drive and 500Gb of bandwidth, a small hosting company having only a very conservative number of 100 accounts hosted per server, each account could have a maximum of 400Mb of disk space and 5Gb of bandwidth per month at one time.

Instead of stating this hard facts, they opt to offer unlimited bandwidth and disk space to market their hosting plans.

Most Common Troubles with Unlimited Plans

Due to overselling (selling more resources than they have) a lot of problems can arise.

  • Server Downtime
  • Server Unreliability
  • Restrictive Terms of Service

Author: Edgard Durand