Unlimited Bandwidth Truth

Is it possible for a web hosting company to offer unlimited bandwidth?

This is just a marketing tactic, unlimited bandwidth doesn't exist. Despite the fact that more and more small web hosting companies are offering unlimited bandwidth, they don't have the resources to backup this.

Bandwidth costs and quality bandwidth is expensive.

Unmetered bandwidth

This is another way unlimited bandwidth is known. According to web hosting companies offering unmetered bandwidth, they do not count or actively monitor the amount of data transfer a site uses.

Why unlimited plans are popular?

As a marketing strategy they work very well. Semantically unlimited means that cannot be entirely consumed or used up. Psychologically the term releases the buyer from worrying about exceeding a limit.

What's the trick behind unlimited bandwidth in web hosting plans?

Most sites do not use a lot of bandwidth. Small web hosting companies know that and depend on this to offer this "bogus" plans.

In their terms of service they often put a lot of restrictions to sites who use a lot of bandwidth.

Ultimately if a site uses more bandwidth than the one they have previously expected, they just say your site have broken some of their terms of service and simply remove the site.


Don't get trick by companies offering unlimited data transfer hosting plans. Unlimited for them is just a more marketable way to hide the real amount of data transfer they offer.

Author: Edgard Durand