Web Site Templates

Templates are a real option for small business owners going online with a tight budget.

Advantages of templates versus custom web design

  • Reasonable price
  • Overall good quality
  • Easy to adapt
  • What you see is what you get

Finding a good template

Besides looking good your template can be standards compliant, search engine friendly, have accesibility features, etc.

There are a lot of good places where you can find templates at affordable prices. Doing a more extensive search you could find some for free and even some open source quality template designs.

Another way to obtain a template is to hire a web designer to design one for your site. Here you'll have complete control over key aspects like accessibility, standards compliant design, etc. The price for templates are lower than the price for a custom web design, and depending on the chosen designer results are almost equal.

Free templates

We are helping business webmasters to made the switch to standards compliant web designs, we are adding XHTML and CSS free templates. Download your free template now.

Customizing templates

Further customization will be required. When you buy a template make sure that includes source files.

For help customizing our free templates, you can post your questions on our web design forums.

If you are not a savvy webmaster you can hire someone to customize it for you.

Author: Edgard Durand