Which domain name termination is better?

With more and more generic top level and country specific domain name terminations to choose from, people will find useful to know which domain name termination is better for their business websites.

Is your business local or global?

In the first case you can consider to get a top level country specific domain name. In the second case .com is the best choice.

Advantages of a .com domain name

The dot com termination has permeated our culture. People are more likely to type in this termination when trying to reach a company's site.

Fees for a .com domain are generally lower, when compared to country specific domain names.

Disadvantages of a .com domain name

Your desired name is probably taken aswell as other short or meaningful names.

Advantages of a country specific domain name

Perfectly targets your country market. Easier to find your desired name.

Disadvantages of a country specific domain name

In average you will pay higher fees.

Tip for new online businesses

Build your brand and identity around your domain name. In the long term it will become one of your most valuable assets.