Removing HTML Hacks

Many html hacks that web designers have used to make pages look the same accross different browser versions, will need to be updated soon to remove them. The reason behind this is that Microsoft will be rolling out the new version of Internet Explorer (IE7) this year.

Internet Explorer 7

The new version of this popular browser (IE7) will be able to correctly interpret the code used on many popular html hacks, and will cause the pages relying on them to appear broken. This browser will support standards that previous versions failed to implement, and that were overly exploited on html hacks.


The most serious hacks that you need to remove or repair are the ones who exploit a bug on previous IE versions, called star html: * html

You'll also need to pay attention to hacks who exploit the missing implementation of child selectors, like: div * p

In the upcoming version the bug has been fixed and child selectors have been implemented.

Are we ready?

Many business sites, in the recent years were coded using all kind of html hacks because, they have become very popular among web designers.

In order to be ready, a lot of business website owners, whose sites depend heavily on hacks to display correctly, will need to dedicate resources or hire someone to fix their sites.