Managing content

Useful information for anyone interested into publishing and maintaining large amounts of information.

Separate content from presentation

Make sure your website is designed using separation of content from presentation techniques. Using the latest widely spread standards based techniques you can be sure your site will accomplish this.

Identify your content units

Are you planning to publish articles, reviews, listings, forum posts, blog posts, etc? Identifying what you are going to publish it will help you choose the best managing system for your content.

A dynamic website

A dynamic website is needed to manage large amounts of data.

Basically a dynamic website loads content from a database and merges this with a presentation layer commonly known as "theme" or "template". It also provides interfaces to create, modify and organize content.

An static website falls short when it comes to content management.

Structure your site

Use categories and subcategories to create your site's structure. This will help you to organize your site's content in a logical manner.


Finally you will need to choose the best Content Management System for your site. Each one has different features.

For example when I started this site it was an static website, a modified version of wordpress was used to output static pages from a database. Then I tested mambo on another site and considered using it but it didn't cover all my requirements. Finally I found drupal and its code cleanness, security and flexibility make me chose it.