Search Engine Friendly Web Design

If you want your site to be crawled by search engines and be findable for web searchers, follow these recommendations:

Site's navigation

Prefer to link your pages using plain text or plain image links.

Avoid fancy navigation for your site. Javascript, Flash or another propietary technology for navigation will not allow your website to be crawled properly.

Do you want to use frames, iframes or object elements on your website?

I do not recommend you to use frames, they represent a serious threat for proper site indexation.

And if you want to use iframes or object elements to add content to some of your pages you must be aware that content within these elements won't be indexed by search engines.

Flash websites and Flash intros

Flash only websites are invisible to search engines. And Flash intros, with or without redirection, represent a dead end for search engine crawlers.

You should avoid to have your website designed only using Flash or another propietary technology.

Dynamic generated urls

Some links with a lot of parameters generated dinamically using some content management systems, blogs and forums, have high chances of not being crawled. Use friendly urls to avoid this problem.


Unfriendly url with lots of parameters

Friendly url

Standards compliant web design

Adhere to standards like HTML or XHTML and CSS.
Structure your site's content using the appropriate (x)html elements.

Using standards you can be sure that your website will be properly indexed.

Author: Edgard Durand