Custom Web Design Pitfalls

Custom web design can be a very frustrating experience, both for buyers and designers.

Why is so difficult to choose the right web designer?

Consider that web designers have different degrees of knowledge.

Be aware they are always going to present you with the options they are more comfortable doing and not necessarily the most desired options for your project.

Remember, you are going to pay for a custom design based on your needs. If a web designer offers you a shortsighted premade solution without considering your necessities, look for someone else to do the job.

You need to ask for specific features, for example:

  • Browser support
  • Compliance of web standards
  • Average size of prospected pages
  • Navigation structure
  • Search engine friendliness
  • Overall work quality
  • Content management system features

Only considering price is not a good approach, look for quality and features.

Effective communication between you and your chosen web designer will be essential.

And if you don’t know much about web design, consider hiring a consultant or reading a book.

Author: Edgard Durand