My first design - v.1

On September 2004 I started a resource site for webmasters focused on providing relevant and updated content to manage business websites.

Previous steps

I remember that I did a lot of previous research (about 6 months) to find out a good solution for this kind of website. I had to find a solution who let me create and publish my own articles and I needed a way to organize and manage content. A lot of testing and tweaking was involved on the first stages.

Now I know that planning was a good start and that it saved me a lot of trouble.

Web design guidelines

After reading a lot of articles and forums posts I decided to go for a site with the following features:

Static html pages, standards compliant design, tableless design, adaptative liquid design, CSS to separate content from design, usability and fast loading pages.

Another webmaster resources site?

I have seen a lot of webmaster resources sites with a great deal of links to other sites, but what good a website without content can be?

I made the decision to follow some other sites that provide original content and regarding links quality instead of quantity is preferred.

Backend support

I tested several content management systems and blogs, and wordpress seemed a good solution. I put a test server on my local machine and installed wordpress 1.2. Wordpress simplicity and its extensibility through plugins was the main reasons to chose it. With the help of a modified plugin I was able to output static pages to a directory on my local computer and then upload those files to the server.

Why did I have to upgrade to v.2?

After working for a few weeks I found some shortcomings. Then I took the decision to modify wordpress core, but soon I realized that I was breaking the whole thing up and that I would not be able to upgrade to future releases unless I could apply all my changes which by the way will be time consuming.

In a next article I will talk about the transition from v.1 to v.2.

Author: Edgard Durand