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Removing HTML Hacks

Many html hacks that web designers have used to make pages look the same accross different browser versions, will need to be updated soon to remove them. The reason behind this is that Microsoft will be rolling out the new version of Internet Explorer (IE7) this year.

Which domain name termination is better?

With more and more generic top level and country specific domain name terminations to choose from, people will find useful to know which domain name termination is better for their business websites.

Managing content

Useful information for anyone interested into publishing and maintaining large amounts of information.

Security a big concern

Whenever you develop a dynamic website like a forum, community site, ecommerce site, etc. Security is something that you need to take into account. This holds true also for any kind of functionality that you add to your site using scripts.

Choosing a Domain Name

Choose a good domain name for your website.

Business Website Checklist

Do you know what it takes to start a business website?

Basic Web Design Software

Some basic web design software is needed to start creating websites. Do you know what you need to start designing a web page?

Static Websites

Do you need an static website? Read this article to find out.

Web Design Help

Do you need professional web design help? Read our web design articles and learn how to optimize your business website.

User Friendly Web Design

Centering your efforts on user experience.