Traffic Equalizer - Warning

Following my investigation of sites being banned from using rss equalizer, I found another program by the same author "traffic equalizer"

How it works?

Traffic Equalizer is a program that creates spam doorway pages, based on keywords supplied by webmasters. Using this program hundreds and even thousands of pages can be automatically created in question of minutes. The content of those pages are taken from rss feeds of various sites. The goal of the program is to assemble content from several sources to make it pass as original content.

Does it work?

Unfortunately the program works. A site using the program increases their chances to appear on search results for several keywords. But in the end they can be banned, at least from Google, other search engines like Yahoo and MSN are apparently less concerned.

But I keep hearing good things about this program

A lot of affiliates are trying to market this program, so in general you will see a lot of sites praising the software. They are just trying to get a 50% commission.


Don't get trick by someone promising a lot of traffic with almost no effort to your site.