Adwords Highest Bid

How much a click can worth? The highest bid on Google Adwords program.

Adwords Mistake

This is a mistake that anyone using adwords and adsense should avoid.

Free Templates

To help business owners made the switch to standards compliant web designs, we'll be adding XHTML and CSS free web templates.

Top Search Engines

There are thousands of search engines on the Internet, but only a handful of them concentrate the major part of Internet searches and traffic.

Static Websites

Do you need an static website? Read this article to find out.

Search Engines Fighting Spam

Google, Yahoo and MSN, the three top search engines, have joined efforts to stop comment spam.

Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

In a very competitive market like the web hosting industry, sharing revenue has become a good medium for some web hosting companies to stand up from competitors.

Welcome to v.2

Welcome to Webmaster Resources for Business Websites,

This site is a growing resource for webmasters who are in charge of business websites. Here you can find original and updated articles about web design and web hosting topics, and selected webmaster resources.

If you are looking for web design or web hosting help. Please, post your questions in our forums. We'll do our best to provide you with useful information or pointing you in the right direction.

We know that understanding the medium is the first step to make your site profitable.

User Friendly Web Design

Centering your efforts on user experience.

Designing different paths for different users

When you design business websites, you need to provide different paths for different users.