Blog and get fired

If you work for an important company, blogging can make you lose your job.

Basic Web Design Software

Some basic web design software is needed to start creating websites. Do you know what you need to start designing a web page?

Firefox 1.0.1

New version of Firefox available. Upgrade to version 1.0.1 to fix security risks.

Unlimited Web Hosting Plans

Some web hosting companies use the term unlimited to refer to some of their plans features like bandwidth and disk space.

Unlimited Bandwidth Truth

Is it possible for a web hosting company to offer unlimited bandwidth?

Adwords Highest Bid

How much a click can worth? The highest bid on Google Adwords program.

Adwords Mistake

This is a mistake that anyone using adwords and adsense should avoid.

Free Templates

To help business owners made the switch to standards compliant web designs, we'll be adding XHTML and CSS free web templates.

Top Search Engines

There are thousands of search engines on the Internet, but only a handful of them concentrate the major part of Internet searches and traffic.

Static Websites

Do you need an static website? Read this article to find out.