Choosing a Domain Name

Choose a good domain name for your website.

Business Website Checklist

Do you know what it takes to start a business website?

Drupal 4.6

Drupal 4.6 has been released.

Testing Drupal 4.6

Drupal 4.6 will be released soon. In the meanwhile, I have a testing site, running version 4.6 RC, for a smooth transition of from version 4.5.2 to 4.6. Hosting

A friend of mine used his own ISP company for hosting. One day he noticed, while in a customer's office, that the firewall had blocked out his site. He had purchased a domain name and had it pointed to his own ISP web space. On making enquiries he found that part of his domain name supplied by his ISP, was recognized by the firewall as blocked content. Although his own domain name was suitable it was the actual host name that was containing the wording that the firewall did not like.

Ucvhost - Review

One client of mine insisted to try UCVhost web hosting company ( for two of his sites, one was hosted on the linux plan and the other on the windows plan.

He thought that one dollar per month for unlimited bandwidth and disk space was a great deal. Unfortunedly for him it was a nightmare.

Firefox 1.0.2

New release of Firefox.

Version 1.0.2 is another security and stability update to the Firefox browser.

Search Operators

There are a few operators that you can use in order to get better results from your search queries.

New Canadian Directory

A new canadian directory will be launched on April 2005.

Drupal 4.6 support for PHP5

The upcomming version of Drupal CMS, version 4.6, will work with PHP5.