Successful sites

How to create successful sites? This is a very good question. I will try to outline a few answers.

Which domain name termination is better?

With more and more generic top level and country specific domain name terminations to choose from, people will find useful to know which domain name termination is better for their business websites.

Scraper Sites

Sites using other people's content, rss feeds and search engine results, are becoming very popular. They are called scraper sites.

Site Reorganization

There's going to be a major reorganization of the site. We are also working on site improvements.

Learn by doing

There are a lot of things that you cannot learn unless you try. Doing business online is one of them.

New set of css free templates

I have added a new set of css free templates from a new contributing author.

Change to a new host

After some difficulties with our previous host, I have finally make the switch to another web hosting provider.

Mediatemple review

After the bad experience with canaca, now I'm using mediatemple (mt). It used to be a very expensive host, but now they are offering hosting plans for multiple sites at good prices.

Network Uptime Warranty

Some web hosting companies market their plans as 99.9% Network Uptime Warranty. However, in the practice, this doesn't mean your site will be up 99.9% of the time or that you really have any warranty.

Canaca review

Hello Edgard, I was in a worst situation than yours with my previous host canaca.