Learn by doing

There are a lot of things that you cannot learn unless you try. Doing business online is one of them.

New set of css free templates

I have added a new set of css free templates from a new contributing author.

Change to a new host

After some difficulties with our previous host, I have finally make the switch to another web hosting provider.

Network Uptime Warranty

Some web hosting companies market their plans as 99.9% Network Uptime Warranty. However, in the practice, this doesn't mean your site will be up 99.9% of the time or that you really have any warranty.

Canaca review

Hello Edgard, I was in a worst situation than yours with my previous host canaca.

Hostm - Review

Updated Hostm Review Aug-2005. Recently me and other hostm.com users have been experiencing random server problems affecting access to email, control panel or sites.

Traffic Equalizer - Warning

Following my investigation of sites being banned from using rss equalizer, I found another program by the same author "traffic equalizer"

New Google Toolbar with the Autolink feature

Today, while browsing I noticed the update of the google toolbar.

RSS Equalizer - Warning

I found a site using RSS Equalizer while searching on Google. The site catch my attention, because it was spamming search engines with hundreds of doorway pages filled with rss feeds from rssequalizer.com.

Photo Gallery

Watching our log files I found a photo gallery site worth mentioning on the showcase forum. The site uses the skuteczni free template.

The site is a good example on how to use our free templates.