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This is an experiment to show how easy is to customize our free templates. It's based on version two of Sinorca from our featured Author Haran Sivakumaran.

The name Sinorca Gradient came from the idea to add small gradient images as backgrounds of various elements of the original template. The image files added to the template are only 3.11kb in total. Ability to resize the font size has been kept.

As with the original template you are free to use this design for any purpose you wish — personal, commercial or otherwise — without any obligation.


Template Customization Help

If you need help customizing this template you can post your questions in our forums.


Modified stylesheets

More comprehensive screen stylesheet
The improved cross-browser consistency is a result of Sinorca’s more comprehensive screen stylesheet. Major style parameters are explicitly defined in the stylesheet, resulting in less dependence on browser-determined defaults and thus fewer rendering idiosyncrasies.
Removal of colour scheme stylesheet
I’ve removed the separate colour scheme stylesheet found in the original version, instead incorporating the colour definitions in the single screen stylesheet.
Addition of a print media stylesheet
Sinorca now has a print media stylesheet that styles the page in a format appropriate for black and white printing. To see the effect of this stylesheet, select print preview from the file menu, or direct this page to a printer (NB: print only this frame if you are viewing this template in a multi-frame document).

Improved accessibility

This version of Sinorca has improved accessibility features for people with impaired vision. The template tentatively conforms to the WCAG double A rating and § 508 guidelines for web content accessibility. The relative simplicity of the template’s underlying markup ensures that your page can be easily transformed for rendering in aural, tactile (braille) and other non-visual user agents.

Additionally, the majority of document metrics (widths, lengths and spacings) are font-size relative. This means that a user can increase the default font size of your page (using their browser) without compromising it’s layout.