Ucvhost - Review

One client of mine insisted to try UCVhost web hosting company (ucvhost.com) for two of his sites, one was hosted on the linux plan and the other on the windows plan.

He thought that one dollar per month for unlimited bandwidth and disk space was a great deal. Unfortunedly for him it was a nightmare.

Uploading files via ftp was very buggy and the server kept disconnecting us, even with very few and small file transfers. Sites were down a lot of time. Email didn't worked right and he lost a lot of emails. The linux and windows control panels were very limited.

After 6 months of struggle, he finally lost his patience and changed to another webhosting company.

Submitted by contact_mahesh on August 16, 2005 - 22:28.

i had a very different experience with ucvhost.com. i recently purchased a reseller hosting account along with the domain name reseller panel, their server performance is really much better as compared to other low cost hosting providers, also i didnt fing any file uploading problems with them , well sometimes the problem may get generated due to our own connection problems, and i can tell you that you cant find such a good and friendly live help 24*7. for fixing the issues that we face.

Submitted by Edgard Durand on August 17, 2005 - 18:14.

I'm just going to explain why ucvhost service degrades very rapidly.

According to the entry level reseller plan, they offer only 250Mb of disk space for 10 sites, and unlimited bandwidth.

If they are using servers with for example 80Gb hard disks, which is a very common and conservative option, you can calculate the amount of reseller accounts per server. Let's say they only use for accounts the 70% of hard disk space, 70% of 80Gb equals 56Gb. Each entry level (10 sites) reseller plan has a quota of only 250Mb of disk space, if you divide 56Gb by 250Mb you get 224 reseller accounts, capable of hosting 2240 sites with unlimited bandwidth.

Now, I'm going to explain the lie about unlimited bandwidth. Let's pretend ucvhost have premium bandwidth for their servers and each server can output 3000Gb easily per month (I'm taking a reputable company offer for the example), if you divide 3000Gb between 2240 sites you will get 1.34Gb per site or 13.40Gb per reseller of data transfer. Things can be worst if the bandwidth allowed per server is less than 3000Gb per month, like for example 1000, 1500 or 2000Gb, which are more average options.

As you can see even if they only have 25% of the entry level reseller accounts (56 resellers) per server, at their full capacity, no more than 5Gb of bandwidth will be allowed per site.

By the way, ucvhost it's no longer offering unlimited disk space. But for example, the 1 dollar accounts are allowed only 25Mb of storage, meaning than an average server can hold easily more than 2000 accounts, which explains the way they oversell accounts on their servers.

Submitted by billmcm on May 25, 2006 - 02:44.

The first time i contacted these guys was a sales query and they replied to my IMs . Next time was a technical issue and they told me to send an email and it would be resolved in 3/4 hours. I got back to them after 5 hours and they refused to converse thru IM . They have ignored my IMs since. Never resolved or replied to my email. What a waste of 20$ !! I will have to find another provider. I should have known, you get what you pay for. I never got to put my site up so i do not know how bad the reliability was.