IndexCore(IC) Web Hosting - Review

After an "interesting" experience with Apollo hosting, I have moved onto IndexCore(IC) hosting. They are more media friendly company for developers, designer and other walks of life to host multiple sites.

Their hosting breaks up into three basic plans (Shared-Server (SS), Virtual Dedicated (VDS), and Dedicated Server (DS) services.

Shared Server (SS)
The entry level hosting at 7.95/mo. host upto 6 sites, the package comes with 3GB of disk space for your personal use and 30GB of bandwidth (data transfer).

Another service they have has an entry service at 14.95/mo. hosts 25 sites, offers 6GB of disk space, and 80GB of bandwidth. (* this is the one I got and shoot its fast, my php works much much faster then at my old host*)

Virtual Dedicated (VDS)
(IC) has three types of hosting platforms here, one starts with 7GB of space, starting at 49.95/mo then they got a 9GB starting at 98.95 and other one 18GB starting at 148.95.

Dedicated Server (DS)
The DS server according to what I have read else where, is "custom" where it can be tailored to the customers needs more then just say "here this is it, take it or leave it" - I like that they can work with you on what you need instead of what they want. They prices range around 495.00 (RedHat) and 575.00 (Windows 2003).

I have had a great experience with them, and not a single problem.

Submitted by Edgard Durand on January 9, 2006 - 12:51.

Looks good. Thank you for your detailed review Matius.

Just a quick note: Prices on the review are good for prepaying two years.

Submitted by tomash on June 16, 2006 - 06:32.

hi, how can i contact with owner of this blog? Give me e-mail please , i have a question.

Tomash Sanderson
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Submitted by Edgard Durand on June 16, 2006 - 16:55.

Hi Tomash, you can contact me via the site's contact form