A friend of mine used his own ISP company for hosting. One day he noticed, while in a customer's office, that the firewall had blocked out his site. He had purchased a domain name and had it pointed to his own ISP web space. On making enquiries he found that part of his domain name supplied by his ISP, was recognized by the firewall as blocked content. Although his own domain name was suitable it was the actual host name that was containing the wording that the firewall did not like.

After shopping around a company called was found to be suitable.

Server Features
Dedicated server specification
Intel - 2.4GHz
512MB RAM - 80GB Hard disk
Win2000/2003 Server / Redhat / Debian / Slackware
Data Centres
Service Level Agreements
15 minute reboot guarantee
Load balancing / Standby servers / Firewall
Same day delivery
MySQL database
Web site statistics including data transfer, disk space used ect.
If you buy extra email forwarding, you can specify an unlimited number of Email Diversion addresses.

Support are very good when it comes to support. Before making your choice there is plenty of help on their web site to make your decision easier.

The interface when logging in to setup the site is very user friendly and there is plenty of help and examples to assist you.

Very reliable, excellent support, reliable performing server. Price, not sure at the moment but I can ask my pal!

Hope this helps.

Best wishes

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on April 15, 2005 - 02:24.

We've had terrible experiences with our uk2 server. We had a hardware failure and it took over a week from informing them about it to it being fixed (we filled in the contact form several times, and sent several emails, and got no response, the only way we could get in contact with them was to send them an email pretending we wanted to buy a new server - we then got a call back within an hour).

Recently, on two occasions, we've had more hardware problems which meant that reboot requests failed, the first time we had to wait 3 days before they responded to any of our requests for help, and the second time... well, I don't know, we're still waiting.

If all you want is somewhere cheap, then go for it - they're hard to beat on price. Just be prepared for your server to be unavailable for extended periods of time, and no way of knowing if your attempts to notify them of problems have actually succeeded.