Nomonthlyfees - Review avoid this web hosting company, they offer free domain name with their hosting plans.

The new free domain belongs to them, the worst thing is that they would also like to trick you into transferring a domain name you already own to them, giving the ownership to them.

A bad deal
If you want to move to another web host they say in their faq and in their terms of service that you'll need to pay $20.00 dollars to take control over the domain name. Regrettably this doesn't mean ownership, the domain name still belongs to them and they lock you up to pay $20.00 dollars anually to a bogus domain name registrar company they own called "", this company is really bogus and a scam because you can't transfer the domain name.

Affiliate program
They offer a $100.00 dollars payout for each qualified sale, so you'll find a lot of biased reviews and recommendations to host your site with this company.