Hostm - Review

Updated Hostm Review Aug-2005. Recently me and other users have been experiencing random server problems affecting access to email, control panel or sites.

It has also being reported that in case of hardware failure sites commonly go down for about 1 to 3 days. Unfortunately hostm doesn't provide any server or site uptime warranty.

Our expiry date is still far ahead, but I've started looking for another host. If you know of any good hosting company with shared linux hosting at affordable prices, please post a review on this forum so I can check

Server Features
They run Linux Servers with cPanel and Fantastico, offering shared hosting with 1800 Mb of disk space and 50 Gb of Data Transfer. You are allowed to host 5 domains and 20 subdomains.

Hostm used to have a great support team. But, they recently removed their public forum at because of many complaint posts.

Average support. Only $7.95 a month for 5 sites.

Does not offer site uptime warranty. Sites ramdomly experience poor server performance.