Get a free business website redesign

If you have an stablished small business website, non-profit organization or open source project, and your design is outdated. You're eligible for a free website redesign using the latest standards-based techniques.

Get a free redesign

I'm looking for a few webmasters of old business websites, non profit organizations or open source projects, who would like to update their websites using standards.

I will only choose a few sites according to their current design state like framed sites, table layouts, frontpage websites, excessive image use, etc.

If your site is chosen a testimonial section will be open on This section will help to portrait the benefits of using standard-based designs.

All I ask is that you provide some feedback related to the experience with your new website redesign.


Your site will be recoded using XHTML and CSS.

Image optimization

Images will be optimized and re-integrated to your new design.


  • Site has to be well established, more than 2 years old design.
  • Not extensive, less than 35 static pages.
  • Small business website, non profit organization or open source project.
  • Site must be written completely in English.
  • Webmaster must be willing to share his/her experience.

If you are interested, please open an account and start a new thread in our Standards Compliant Redesigns forum, include information about your website and why you would like to update it.