RSS Equalizer - Warning

I found a site using RSS Equalizer while searching on Google. The site catch my attention, because it was spamming search engines with hundreds of doorway pages filled with rss feeds from

About RSS Equalizer

Rss Equalizer promises to get your pages in the top positions of search engines providing fresh content for your site from rss feeds.

RSS Equalizer Website - Snapshot

RSS Equalizer is being distributed for $97.00 on the net through an affiliate program. If you search about them you will hear good things about them, this is because the affiliate program pays 50% to affiliates.

I found also that the site, and some of the ones who appear on the testimonials, have been banned from Google.

The truth

Using programs like RSS Equalizer can get your site banned from search engines like Google.

What a site owner is trying to do using those programs, is to trick search engines to think they have a wealth of updated information, and gain better SERPs positions, driving more traffic to their sites.

This is called search engine spam. Affects people searching for information and Internet publishers. It works like this, search engine results are flooded with duplicated content from randomly assembled rss feeds, the program automatically tries to create themed page feeds, but in most cases merges totally unrelated content. Pages with real content can get buried, under thousands of randomly automated rss feed pages, created with little or no effort by hundreds of sites using those programs.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on August 5, 2005 - 12:04.

Have you ever tried the software? Likely not! If used ethically and responsibly it works great. You can add any RSS feeds you want, not just a canned package that everyone else is using. Sure, some web-ho's will use it to try and fool the search engines, and yes they do get penalized as they should... RSS Equalizer's site has not been "Banned" by Google, as a matter of fact, they aren't even operating their own software on the site, the content is static! No effort has ever been placed on their own site, it is marketed primarily by affiliates and newsletters. Some affiliates marketing the product have PR5 or better rankings... including some of the testimonial sites...

Submitted by Edgard Durand on August 5, 2005 - 22:21.

RSS Equalizer was not banned for using its own sofware, but for their claims and promotion of this kind of spam.

I don't think it could be called ethical, to flood search engines with this kind of machine assembled content.

Affiliates just want to make some cash, and they are not using the software either. The sites getting banned more quickly are the ones who are using "rss equalizer" with "traffic equalizer", the combination generates the worst spammy results.