New Design v.3

I finally finished the new design v.3 for the site. I get rid of html hacks. I find out that our previous top navigation tabs - based on the css sliding doors technique - used a child selector hack which potentially can cause problems on Internet Explorer 7.

New top navigation

I simplified the tab concept using only one image and basic css styling. The php code behind the top navigation was rewritten. All unnecessary code was removed.

New color scheme

The color scheme changed a little to highlight and improve readability of important data.

Advertisement space

Our two previous versions of the site didn't consider advertisement space as part of the design, this one fully integrates them into the layout.

Version 2

Did you prefer our previous theme? Registered users can switch to the previous version. The theme is still available on the site and users can select it from their account preferences.


There are many enhancements on this theme and many more to come. This was a preliminary step to revamp the whole site functionality, the next target is to rework the free templates area.