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New set of css free templates

I have added a new set of css free templates from a new contributing author.

Traffic Equalizer - Warning

Following my investigation of sites being banned from using rss equalizer, I found another program by the same author "traffic equalizer"

New Google Toolbar with the Autolink feature

Today, while browsing I noticed the update of the google toolbar.

RSS Equalizer - Warning

I found a site using RSS Equalizer while searching on Google. The site catch my attention, because it was spamming search engines with hundreds of doorway pages filled with rss feeds from rssequalizer.com.

Drupal 4.6

Drupal 4.6 has been released.

Testing Drupal 4.6

Drupal 4.6 will be released soon. In the meanwhile, I have a testing site, running version 4.6 RC, for a smooth transition of capmex.biz from version 4.5.2 to 4.6.

Firefox 1.0.2

New release of Firefox.

Version 1.0.2 is another security and stability update to the Firefox browser.

New Canadian Directory

A new canadian directory will be launched on April 2005.

Drupal 4.6 support for PHP5

The upcomming version of Drupal CMS, version 4.6, will work with PHP5.

Blog and get fired

If you work for an important company, blogging can make you lose your job.