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Which direction?

This is my first attempt to create a community website.

What would you like to see on this website? Please add your comments and help me create this resource.

Restructuring the site

This site is going to have major changes in the next few months. Some sections will be tidy up to focus better on webmaster resources, free templates and articles for business websites.

Our own free templates

After reviewing the free templates available for download on the site I noticed many can be easily improved with different color schemes and additional visual elements.

New Design v.3

I finally finished the new design v.3 for the site. I get rid of html hacks. I find out that our previous top navigation tabs - based on the css sliding doors technique - used a child selector hack which potentially can cause problems on Internet Explorer 7.

Top pages of 2005

This is a list of the most visited pages on our site for 2005.

  1. Front Page
  2. Free Templates
  3. RSS Feed
  4. Designs by Haran
  5. Free Templates Forum

Successful sites

How to create successful sites? This is a very good question. I will try to outline a few answers.

Scraper Sites

Sites using other people's content, rss feeds and search engine results, are becoming very popular. They are called scraper sites.

Learn by doing

There are a lot of things that you cannot learn unless you try. Doing business online is one of them.

New set of css free templates

I have added a new set of css free templates from a new contributing author.

Traffic Equalizer - Warning

Following my investigation of sites being banned from using rss equalizer, I found another program by the same author "traffic equalizer"